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February 1, 2014 — 56 Comments

Breaking chain


I’m a Buick in the Land Of Lexus.

I started this blog because I don’t fit in where I live.

I ended up, because I did not do my due diligence while house shopping, in an area that is spiritually and culturally barren.

You can read about it, if you’d like. I’d be honored if you did – it was my very first post.


I don’t fit in a lot of places, because I’m so many different things all at once, that people have trouble defining me. Which makes them nervous.

They like me. They just don’t get me.


I’m here at WordPress because I crave the company of like minded individuals. Brilliant, funny, thought provoking, supportive individuals.

And yes, because I love an extended family.


I didn’t write for a very long time.

I forgot that writing is how I breathe. 

How I live. 

And when I post, I bleed.

Here’s a quote from James Altucher that describes how I post:

“Say it with blood. If your blood stops, you have a heart attack. You die. If your blood doesn’t leak onto the page, your post will have a heart attack. It will die.  If you can’t say something with blood, then don’t say it, else it won’t reach the heart.”


And this is the picture he used

And this is the picture he used


I bleed for myself.

I bleed for YOU.


Some days, I want to make you laugh.

Other days, I want to make you feel.

Other days I want to make you think.

Because, and here’s another quote from Mr. Altucher:

“The blogger is the deprogrammer. You have to look at things in a different way.

If you don’t, then go back to being a robot and wait for the next instructions from the mothership.”


Kim Kardashian is definitely a robot

Kim Kardashian is definitely a robot


But I’m not here to hurt anybody. Never have been. Never will.

After the Amy Glass post – a post that I worked very hard on – a thought provoking, important post (I believe)-

I received a flurry of emails in my inbox. From people thinking I was sending anonymous “hatemail” to another blogger.

Anyone out there in the blogosphere who thinks I am capable of sending “hatemail” to someone I don’t know, have never interacted with, whose blog I have never read, never followed, and who I only wish the best for, as I do for all human beings,







I’m just a woman trying to raise her kid.

Run a business – and a draining one at that. Because I fall in love with too many people, remember? So I adopt every kid I work with.

A woman trying to remember how to BREATHE again.


If you can’t tell, through the quality of my writing, that I am far too:

intelligent, kind, educated, spiritual, loving, evolved, soulful and

in a constant state of transformation – always working on being my higher self –

to EVER send anonymous hate mail,



Remember what I posted the other day?

I am struggling to balance it all. To work, raise a kid, to write, and yes – to get to the gym and do THREE chin ups.

And to do a whole lot of other stuff – I have a myriad of interests.


I love yoga and beer so I invented this multitasker

I love yoga and beer so I invented this multitasker


I can’t invest time in online drama. Please don’t pull me into it.

DO NOT send me emails diverting my attention to posts I didn’t know existed on blogs I never followed or read.

And frankly – fucking scary posts. That get my heart going.

My son is my heart.

Posts that talk about calling CPS scare me so badly I almost ended up in the fetal position again.




If you intend to ever involve me in drama again.

Or fail to believe in me. 

Or understand that my intention is

to fall in love with everyone of you.



It’s a gorgeous Saturday.

Sunny and clear. I think we’ve finally emerged from the Polar Vortex.

I actually have a rare Saturday off.

I’m going to the movies with Little Dude. I’ve turned him into a movie addict, because that’s what you do with children –

you get them to love the things you love, so they can be part of your life. Instead of you ending up with Legos in your nether regions.

That’s why he loves blogs.

Did a light bulb just go off in your head? Good.



Our movie theater was completely renovated.

The seats were redone as plush red leather motorized La-Z-Boy recliners – and go all the way back.

These seats are like riding in the luxury car of your DREAMS.

Dreams that excel even Little Dude’s choice for the car he will own when he grows up (at the moment, the new 2014 Chevy Corvette).

Dreams that excel even the Muscle Car of His Dreams (1970 Buick GSX Stage 1; only 400 made)

They’re the Lamborghini of theater seats.


Yes - these are the seats.

Yes – these are the seats.


We’re going to sit in those magnificent seats

and eat way too much junk food.

I normally don’t allow much junk food (you knew that, didn’t you??) but it’s different at the movies.

We’re going to get popcorn, nachos, Sno-Caps. Maybe even soda, if I’m in a really expansive mood.

And, because they actually installed an ice cream machine inside the movie theater, we’ll get ice cream as well.

When they renovated the theater they went all out.


On some days, the movie is really important.

When we went to see “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” – I needed to inhale every second of that movie. I loved it.

Today, whatever we see is besides the point.

Today, I just want to be with my son.

It’s the greatest feeling in the world – to have an unanticipated day off.

A “lagniappe” – something special you don’t expect.

Especially when there’s ice cream involved.


This is what happens when Little Dude can't make up his mind

This is what happens when Little Dude can’t make up his mind