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I Can’t Tell

January 21, 2014 — 58 Comments

blood and roses

My son looks just like his father.
Except, we have the same coloring.
We’re very fair skinned. I love how he gets tanned in the summer.
From playing outside all day, like a kid ought to.


When I used to nurse him, hold him to me, rock slowly back and forth,
my husband would watch me and say,
“I can’t tell where you leave off and he begins.”


That’s the problem with falling in love with everybody all the time.
I can’t tell – where you leave off and I begin.


This was on a mix tape a friend made me.
My favorite song from 2013.


A standard 4-chord progression, E, B, C#m, A
The quiet sense of majesty;

dreamy synthesizers intertwining with the live, orchestral instruments;
atmospheric light string loops, delayed bass;
now percussion and string on reverb;
violin solo – double stops;

to create the most gorgeous soundscape.

Its simplicity is only an illusion.


This might be the first and only love song only written.

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