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Redbook Say WHAT?

March 17, 2016 — 12 Comments

Remember I wrote that I was submitting my work these days?

I’m published on Redbook! I wrote about being a Tiger Mom, a topic I’ve talked about here on my blog.

I wrote about how I can’t really teach my kid street savvy, which I acquired as a by product of where I grew up. The most I can do is teach him to strive to best he can be, and instill him with confidence.

Regrading street savvy, I recently let Little Dude binge-watch all of Breaking Bad, when I re-watched the entire series. I figure that will teach him that DRUGS ARE BAD. Mostly I got tired of waiting for him to go to sleep to watch it, so I reframed it as a cautionary tale about drugs.


I would LOVE it if you’d check out my article on Redbook, “Why I Tell My Child A+ Is The Only Acceptable Grade.” Here’s the link:

(yes they changed the title and the link still shows the old title, shaddup, it’s Redbook, they can do what they want!

Thanks for reading and being so supportive. I love you guys!