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May 9, 2014

Today, we’re all over at the Matticus Kingdom.

Dj Matticus and Zoe came up with a great way to get some of US to Rara!

Take a moment and give some RAWR love to one of the most beautiful forces in the blog world!

(Comments are closed – over THERE is where you have to make them.)

Why are you still here? Go! Shoo!

See ya over there…




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The Matticus Kingdom

Hey all,

Zoe and I decided that it would be awesome to collect a bunch of comments, notes, thoughts, etc… from all of you and see about getting them to Rara in the next couple days.

So, leave whatever you want to say in the comment section and we’ll make sure it gets to her.

(And don’t forget to click on the rawrLove link in my sidebar if you haven’t already.)

(And, if you’d rather not have your comments be public, you can email them to me at djmatticus at yahoo dot com.)

Remember, chances are, she loves all of you, without question, without qualification, without reserve.

How do you feel about her?

Spread some rawrLove of your own.

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