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Am I really posting 2 days in a ROW?

That has NEVER happened. Except today is Mandi’s birthday, and I want EVERYONE IN THE ‘SPHERE to know it!




When we first formed the SisterWives, Mandi came as part of a matched set (I thought). There was Beth and Mandi, two impossibly beautiful blonde real-life friends from Texas.

And then gradually,

There was Mandi.

There were so many of us, it took a while for each of us to connect, one-on-one.

She was worth the wait.


She’s a bit of a wizard, that one. She isn’t boisterous and edgy and “I’m strange, LOOK at ME” like some bloggers we know (*cough*). But damn, she is extraordinary.

She’s incredibly modest about her writing. So much so, that she almost has you convinced it’s “no big deal” and then you READ her blog and all of a sudden – WHAM!

She does everything from rock us to the core, with gut wrenching posts like The Cycle, to make us laugh bawdily, with her Penis Monologues.


The fact is, she’s so busy cheering US on, she doesn’t really take the time to dwell on her own work – which is magnificent.


She is so full of love and encouragement – and not the phony kind, the real, down deep genuine kind – that Lizzi has dubbed her “The Cheerleader.”

This of course, led to one of our hilarious and endless comment threads. At one point Mandi asked, “Does this mean I get to do a hurkey?”

To which Lizzi replied, “I have no idea what that even means!”

And off we went into one of our bizarrely charming Sisterwife tangents. I found a picture of one online and posted it- it’s a very complex jump:


The SisterWives Training in the Clubhouse

The SisterWives Hurkey Training



Lizzi found a YouTube tutorial on how to perform one, and evidently sustained some injuries attempting it.

The next day, Mandi posted a picture of herself executing the aforementioned hurkey!

SHE ACTUALLY DID THIS THING! It was astonishing!

That’s Mandi. She takes you by surprise with her amazingness.



Last week I wrote the most difficult post of my blogging career.

Three days later, it was Mandi’s turn to post.  Her post was (I thought) going to chronicle some struggle, some adversity she’d overcome. There are many. Although Mandi is just as she appears in the picture on her blog, full of light and laughter and blondeness, she has been through some SHIT.


She didn’t write about any of that.

Instead, she chose to write a gorgeous post, honoring me, and my decision to come forward and share my story with the world.

See what I mean?

THAT is the epitome of Mandi. Taking a moment that was supposed to be hers, and giving it to ME.

She is truly my Sisterwife, and I love her dearly.



Since I’m (just a few years) older than Mandi, I’d like to let her know that getting older is not the end of the world – BUT IT’S A GIANT STEP TOWARD IT!

So do NOT go gentle in that good night. Instead, age disgracefully. Here are some suggestions of things to do while still in your 30’s:

Go skydiving

Have sex someplace you shouldn’t

Talk to strangers

Go to Bonnaroo (Jennie will go with you)

Skinny dip

Take a cross county road trip (I’ll go with you)

Take risks

Learn one really great card trick

Make out with a woman

Go to Burning Man

Don’t care what other people think. Take the “Fuck You” pill – as of today

Get a tattoo

Don’t be afraid to say “I love you”

Dance inappropriately. Grind with your girlfriends on a dance floor

Send that naked selfie

Go to Las Vegas with the SisterWives

Stay up all night and watch the sunrise

Eat dessert

Travel to another continent

Get a piercing

Travel to New Orleans for Mardi Gras

Perform random acts of kindness



And remember, no matter how old you get – I’ll always be older.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl. Write Free!




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