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There have been a lot of rumblings of this “Sisterwives” thing going round the ‘sphere.




*throws confetti in the air*


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There we are.

Nine vibrating molecules, dancing together in orbit.


This is a fiercely loyal and loving group of women.

And talented. And funny.


I met Jennie last fall, and it was love at first sight.

Or site.

Reading her blog was only the beginning of a friendship that was more than just a friendship.

It was a sisterhood.

I “proposed” to her two weeks later.


Friendships begat other friendships which became a support group which became a Blog.

Because we felt that the support and unconditional love we offer one another – deserved a place in the blogosphere.

We want to invite you in – MEN and WOMEN – and support you through life’s messy, beautiful journey.


Let’s straighten out a few misconceptions.

1. No. We are NOT all married to the same man.

I don’t know whether he’d be the luckiest man on earth, or running down the street, rubbing cake through his hair.


2. We have nothing to do with anything from the state of Utah.

None of us, to my knowledge, has ever even been there.

But we ARE planning a road trip to Vegas next year.

Is Utah anywhere near there? (geography is NOT my strong suit.)


3. None of us practices polygamy.

Although, if you follow my blog, y’all know where I stand on that.

See? I’m from New York, and they have me saying stuff like “Y’all.


We call each other Sisterwives because we’re in love with each other.

It’s a term of solidarity and support.


Have I mentioned we also make each other laugh all the time?

Sometimes through tears.

We all have been through, and continue to go through, a LOT of stuff.


But I don’t go ONE day without guffawing out loud at our crazy banter.

At 12:30 last night, I was STILL unable to get myself on the Sisterwives Facebook page correctly.






And 15 minutes ago I was STILL trying to embed the code that Lizzi the wizard had concocted for the molecule drawing she’d created.

If you click on her link, you’ll see who taught me the beauty of Silver Linings; something I wrote about in my bio for the Sisterwives blog.





Come over to the Sisterwives blog, and read Who We Are and How We Came To Be. 

(I heard a rumor that there was an open bar)



Samara xoxo