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After all this time as online friends, it was time for us to meet.

And meet we did!

Yes, they were two of the most fun days I’ve had in a long time. But it was more than that.

These women are the family I chose.


It was a pretty intense couple of days. There was a blood moon. Beth won a major book award. Facebook broke.

And The Sisterwives finally got to meet one another and spend time together.

Don’t tell me these things aren’t all connected…

If you’d like to read the highly amusing tale (I wrote it!) of what happened when we took over Dallas, click here!

I’m closing comments, so you’ll head over to Sisterwives to read and comment. See ya there, okay?



The Kids Are Alright!

September 24, 2015



Recently, a super cool 14-year-old kid named named Aidan Thomas Hornaday was brought to my attention.


This kid is not only a kick ass blues harmonica player, he’s a young philanthropist out to make a difference in the world. He started working for change when he was just seven years old.

Aidan recently gave a TED talk which is on YouTube. The Sisterwives were so moved by him, and so committed to spreading awareness of Aidan and his work, that we decided to watch his video with our own children.

Then, we asked our kids to write about what they thought being a “difference maker” meant.

Any of you who follow us on social media already know who Little Dude and Hastykid are. And you get to hear from some of our other kids as well. These kids are all amazing.

I’m going to close comments here, in the hope that you’ll comment over there. So please visit the SisterWives site today, and read about what the “Children Of the Sisterwives” are doing to help make a difference.

And let me tell you, These Kids Are Alright! 


white girl

January 5, 2015


stapleton 11


I haven’t performed spoken word in twenty years.

Actually, I avoided it as much as I could. It brought back some memories that I didn’t want to think of.

But somehow, this piece leapt off the page and needed a voice. So, I gave it one.

It’s about growing up white in an all-black housing project. You can read it – or listen to me speak it.

Today, on the Sisterwives blog.

Thank you for joining me as I step into my past and my future, simultaneously.




How Well Do YOU Know Us?

November 25, 2014 — 6 Comments


Time for some much-needed FUN!!

Today, on the Sisterwives blog, we put together a matching game for you – a bunch of random facts about all of us. And we’d like YOU to try and match each fact to the correct Sisterwife.

So, it’s everything you ever wanted to know about us, and probably LOTS you never wanted to know.

There’s pole dancing, stalking, ear nibbling, “suk suk” and a pet chicken.

Intrigued? I know I am. I didn’t even know most of this stuff. WHAT is a “suk suk?” (Oh, crap! I guess I just gave away that the “suk suk” one isn’t mine!)

C’mon over, and join in the silliness!!



Actually, it’s 2 minutes and 44 seconds.

Laurie Works witnessed the murder of her 2 sisters. Yes, these things that seem like tragic and distant television news stories, happen to people we know.

Today, on the SisterWives blog, she posted a video of the spoken word poem, “Shell,” she wrote about their death, and her life without them.

It’s raw and unedited. Vulnerable and brutiful. Probably the bravest and most intense thing you may ever see on WordPress.


Please give her your support, and your love.





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