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Some of you know that I was kicked off of Facebook for using a pseudonym.

I planned to just go back with a new profile. But things started happening. Interesting things. And I discovered that I didn’t want to go back right away. I wanted to explore what was happening in my life.

I also wanted to write about it. And I couldn’t go back to Facebook until the story was done.

It’s up today, on Hastyword’s blog. My beautiful Sisterwife invited me to be part of her #BeReal series – and life without Facebook forced me to #BeReal in a way I never expected.

Come visit me over there today. I’m closing comments so you’ll comment there.



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As parents, we hope for the best for our children, and fear the worst.

I never expected to be arrested for disciplining my own child – but it happened.


I’m over at Original Bunker Punks today, telling my story. It was not an easy one to tell. I’d love it if you would join me there, and let me know your thoughts on what happened.

I’m closing comments here, but as always, I’m listening. Click here to read the full story.



April 9, 2015



Many of you have read about my kid, Little Dude.

Hastywords was generous enough to open her blog to him today, so he could share his perspective on bullying.



My heart just might BURST. My kid is the most amazing 11-year-old on the planet. And Hasty is one of my favorite real life friends. So this combination-

Let’s just say, it’s very special to me.


Click here to read what Little Dude has to say about bullying.

And while you’re there, if you haven’t checked out Hasty’s blog, please do. She is the Poetess of WordPress, doncha know?


P.S. Comments are closed, so you can leave them over at Hasty’s place. xoxo