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Awhile ago, I wrote a funny and sordid account of working as a phone girl in a New York city whore house, many moons ago. When I was young and foolish and took jobs like that.

Recently, I pitched a condensed version of the story to some online magazines, and whattaya know! It got published by Cosmopolitan AND Marie Claire! I revised it to offer some thought provoking ideas on prostitution.


I would LOVE it if you guys would head over to one of those sites and read it. I’ve been published on other sites before, but this was my first experience doing a lot of back and forth work with my editor (OMG I just said “my editor” like a real writer).

Click here for Cosmopolitan.

Click here for Marie Claire.


You guys rock my world. Thanks for being the best readers a girl could have.

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Redbook Say WHAT?

March 17, 2016 — 12 Comments

Remember I wrote that I was submitting my work these days?

I’m published on Redbook! I wrote about being a Tiger Mom, a topic I’ve talked about here on my blog.

I wrote about how I can’t really teach my kid street savvy, which I acquired as a by product of where I grew up. The most I can do is teach him to strive to best he can be, and instill him with confidence.

Regrading street savvy, I recently let Little Dude binge-watch all of Breaking Bad, when I re-watched the entire series. I figure that will teach him that DRUGS ARE BAD. Mostly I got tired of waiting for him to go to sleep to watch it, so I reframed it as a cautionary tale about drugs.


I would LOVE it if you’d check out my article on Redbook, “Why I Tell My Child A+ Is The Only Acceptable Grade.” Here’s the link:

(yes they changed the title and the link still shows the old title, shaddup, it’s Redbook, they can do what they want!

Thanks for reading and being so supportive. I love you guys!