How Well Do YOU Know Us?

November 25, 2014 — 6 Comments


Time for some much-needed FUN!!

Today, on the Sisterwives blog, we put together a matching game for you – a bunch of random facts about all of us. And we’d like YOU to try and match each fact to the correct Sisterwife.

So, it’s everything you ever wanted to know about us, and probably LOTS you never wanted to know.

There’s pole dancing, stalking, ear nibbling, “suk suk” and a pet chicken.

Intrigued? I know I am. I didn’t even know most of this stuff. WHAT is a “suk suk?” (Oh, crap! I guess I just gave away that the “suk suk” one isn’t mine!)

C’mon over, and join in the silliness!!



6 responses to How Well Do YOU Know Us?


    Ohhh..on my way over now!!

    I love you guys so much! I love what you are doing.


    All I see are a bunch of sexy ladies I wouldn’t mind giving a deep tissue massage to. 😉


    Oh my goodness, this was so much fun! I took a stab at guessing this morning and got every single one wrong. At least that’s what Beth told me. I still think she’s the ear nibbler that you have an inner pole dancer just dying to be set free 😉


    I know what’s ‘suk suk’…ah well.

    This IS a fun post though, and it’s generating the laughs. Yay us.


    Strongly liked!! You should check out my music blog =)

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