June 23, 2014 — 116 Comments

There have been a lot of rumblings of this “Sisterwives” thing going round the ‘sphere.




*throws confetti in the air*


Image Map

There we are.

Nine vibrating molecules, dancing together in orbit.


This is a fiercely loyal and loving group of women.

And talented. And funny.


I met Jennie last fall, and it was love at first sight.

Or site.

Reading her blog was only the beginning of a friendship that was more than just a friendship.

It was a sisterhood.

I “proposed” to her two weeks later.


Friendships begat other friendships which became a support group which became a Blog.

Because we felt that the support and unconditional love we offer one another – deserved a place in the blogosphere.

We want to invite you in – MEN and WOMEN – and support you through life’s messy, beautiful journey.


Let’s straighten out a few misconceptions.

1. No. We are NOT all married to the same man.

I don’t know whether he’d be the luckiest man on earth, or running down the street, rubbing cake through his hair.


2. We have nothing to do with anything from the state of Utah.

None of us, to my knowledge, has ever even been there.

But we ARE planning a road trip to Vegas next year.

Is Utah anywhere near there? (geography is NOT my strong suit.)


3. None of us practices polygamy.

Although, if you follow my blog, y’all know where I stand on that.

See? I’m from New York, and they have me saying stuff like “Y’all.


We call each other Sisterwives because we’re in love with each other.

It’s a term of solidarity and support.


Have I mentioned we also make each other laugh all the time?

Sometimes through tears.

We all have been through, and continue to go through, a LOT of stuff.


But I don’t go ONE day without guffawing out loud at our crazy banter.

At 12:30 last night, I was STILL unable to get myself on the Sisterwives Facebook page correctly.






And 15 minutes ago I was STILL trying to embed the code that Lizzi the wizard had concocted for the molecule drawing she’d created.

If you click on her link, you’ll see who taught me the beauty of Silver Linings; something I wrote about in my bio for the Sisterwives blog.





Come over to the Sisterwives blog, and read Who We Are and How We Came To Be. 

(I heard a rumor that there was an open bar)



Samara xoxo

116 responses to The SISTERWIVES ARE HERE!!


    Best intro ever! I just fell even more in love with you. *winks*

    Deanna Herrmann June 23, 2014 at 11:53 am

    That was perfection! And just because you should know, I’ve been to Utah. 😉 It’s very close to Vegas. I’ve even camped there! What a great day SW!


      Oh, NO!!

      Now I have to edit the intro.

      I don’t camp. I will NOT sleep in a bag on the ground, where animals can dine on me at will.



        *quickly cancels the camping invitation*

        *with mock shock* Oh, I have just lost all respect for you… *pouts in an obvious, patently ridiculous way*

        Now, see, a friend of mine, she just gets a man to urinate the perimeter of the camp site… (no, I’m not kidding, keeps the bears away. She lives in Boise. She does this on a regular basis. She wishes her guy friends would give her about a gallon of the stuff…)


        Okay, that’s just gross.

        The only reason to EVER ask someone for their urine is to help you pass a drug test. Everyone knows that.


        And I appreciate that! The reason is so the male animals smell the male hormones and STAY AWAY.

        It’s not gross… it’s practical. You’re speaking the law of the street, yes, you are right, as far as the law of the street. The law of the street does not apply so much in the wilderness.

        I really need you to do a BIG favor for me.
        I’m in a horrible amount of pain today, and I just discussed with the PA about going forward with extracting screws out of my spine, so understand with the most love and affection I can muster… don’t mess with this Boy Scout. I miss camping terribly. If that’s not your bag, that’s cool, but just respect me on this one.


        Of course, Jak!

        I was just being my snarky Samara self.

        I actually love hiking and camping. I just like sleeping in a cabin, however rustic it is.

        I’m quite outdoorsy, even for a citified chick. 🙂


        I have no disrespect for cabin camping; because of the pain, it’s probably going to be the only kind I can do for a while. And I did a fair amount of it back in the day, too.

        Again, I miss it terribly. I hope to be much more well after this next surgery; in the meanwhile, we are getting Boy used to the idea by setting up my old dome tent in the backyard.

        See for yourself:


    Congrats to you and all! Happy to find a new place to hang.


    This is so good!!!! Love your words my love.


    I take FULL credit for that “y’all!” I told you my pillow talk would change your life. 😉

    I love you and this post. You might have explained our new group better than anyone else: “Because we felt that the support and unconditional love we offer one another – deserved a place in the blogosphere.”

    Of course it does. And that makes me so happy I want to rub cake in my hair (because that actually sounds quite fun, dontcha think?)



      Yes. Unconditional love. It’s the most powerful force in the universe.

      (I love you to the moon and back, but Sandy had something to do with the “Y’all” thing, too.)


    This is possibly the most exciting and intoxicating collaboration since tequila and lime. I’m definitely looking forward to the Sisterhood experience. And that’s generally something you don’t hear from any man outside of a porn movie, so that should say something.

    Congrats, ladies! 😉


    There is a good possibility that, yes, you will pass through Utah on your way to Vegas. If you do pass through, stop by and say hi! As someone from Utah it always makes me laugh at people’s misconceptions.


      OMG you are from UTAH??

      Get the drinks ready. We’re totally stopping by next year en route to Vegas!

      I’ve been swamped putting this together, but I am heading your blog’s way soon! xo


    Me and the chaps were discussing something like this when we were lounging out on the sundeck the other day. We haven’t proposed or anything but there’s definitely a whiff of bromance in the air and we’re hoping to go to Prague for go-karts and cheap beer.

    If you bring the nibbles we’ll bring the sherry.


      Prague for go karts and cheap beer?

      We’re IN!

      We’re international, you know. Lizzi is in England and Deanna is in Germany. I’m here in ‘Murica but have been know to travel far and wide for go karts. Even farther if there’s laser tag.

      Were you really discussing a blog collective?
      And please continue to use words like “chaps.” You know I love that. 🙂


    OMG my e-mail, reader and everything else will never be the same—- because it will be BETTER because of all this awesomeness that is about to happen right before our very eyes!!


    Omg! I’m so excited for you guys! This is awesome! No, scratch that, it’s beyond awesome! Love the idea of a sisterwives blog!


      Hey, Zareen!
      It IS awesome, and I’m so glad you’re here!

      By the way, thank you so much for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I was working like a demon the last few days trying to get everything ready for the new blog. I didn’t mean to be rude and not thank you so very very much ❤


    I just ran down the street rubbing cake through my beard! This is a great day for the blogging world, I love you girls. Looking forward to more vicarious adventures and genuine laughter. Well done and good luck. REDdog


      You’re just the REDdog I needed to see!

      We need guest posts from men.

      Men who have something to say about one of the different topics we’ll be featuring.

      Men like YOU.

      We’ll be posting more about what the blog will discuss on Thursday. Lots and lots of topics. So think about it, okay?



        I couldn’t wrote a ransom note if Is kidnapped myself right now Darlin’…but I will definitely rise to the occasion when the time comes, who could pass up such an honour? I love what you’re doing with this, so inclusive. 6’3″250lb hugs for everyone!


    THIS is so exciting! You all are awesome and I love you like frozen crazy


      *In a sing song voice, powered by tequila*

      you are gonna write for us, you are gonna write for us…

      We’ll be posting all the kinds of topics we’re looking for, but I read you blog. Your our kind of people.

      You’re still my favorite Tweelebrity!


    Being married to the Sisterwives would only have one drawback, as far as I can see: nine mothers-in-law.

    That first Sisterwives hotlink you provide takes me to “nothing found.” I was going to make a joke but I’m not confident it would go over well. And I don’t want to be on the bad side of the Sisterwives. Ever.


      Hey, you!

      YOU have carte blanche to make whatever jokes you want.

      I just checked all my links and they seem to be working – which one said “nothing found”?

      And yes – mess with one of us, and the 9 of us will descend on you like locusts. Muahahahahaha


    What a day it has been! Wow! I am so proud of US because y’all, we rock! I can tell you this, if we were all married to the same man, he would be both lucky AND running down the street rubbing cake in his hair ;).


    This is a momentous occasion that will live on in blog infamy. Wait, I meant blog hall of fame.


    Reblogged this on Edward Hotspur and commented:
    This is a moment you won’t want to miss!


    I am not the first to post a comment here, but I am the first to post a video. I love this song and this artist, and I hope you do too.


    This is *not* infamous,but I agree with Ned (My LAP bro) above regarding the tequila and lime thing… or what he implied. Fuck, I hate tequila.


    I looked and there was no open bar, so I’ll keep checking out in case one does materialize.


    In spite of my rushing in at the last minute like the White Rabbit, LOOOOOOK how much love is in your comments section! I feel like we’ve been taken under the wing of the Blogosphere and sent into orbit…this is incredible.

    Your words are beautiful, Precious, and I’m honoured you linked me there, and attributed me the silver linings. That means so much.

    My heart is full, and if I could, I would whisper sweet nothings about SW and how much I love this project and all my Sisterwives in Italian (the *only* language to do such a thing in, if only you can (which I can’t)). Soooo…cake shampoo it is 😉

    *hums a few bars of Sam Cooke’s ‘Wonderful World’*


      Silver Linings are an important part of being a Sisterwife. And you’ve made me aware of them in a way I never knew before.

      Perhaps we should all learn just a smidgeon of Italian, so we can whisper sweet nothings to each other properly.

      I love that song. Thank you, SW dear.


        That song matters to me. It was our ‘first dance’ song (mostly because we couldn’t think of anything more fitting for two hopeless cases pledging their lives – prophetic much?) I sing it when I feel happy and loving and safeish 🙂

        YES to learning Italian – wow that’s one helluva idea 😀

        And…I’m glad, if I can have any influence, surely the search for Silver Linings is a good one.


    I propose that the new blog will be cherished by one man and multiple women, to have and to hold on the Reader …

    This will be great for everybody, you nine creative wonderfuls. Way to go, Samara.


      Mark, although I don’t believe that a man should have to commit to only one woman, NINE would be insanity. Not the good kind, either.

      Thanks for your support. We’re going to be looking for men to submit posts to us. I hope once it becomes clearer what direction we’re going in, you’ll think about writing for us.


    Hey… I want to be a sister wife! If you deny me this honor, I will have to go to the press… and hire a team of lawyers… to sue you for blatant sexual discrimination!


    I’ve a sister and I’ve tried a wife…but together…hummm not so sure hahaha

    Vibrant concept 😀

    Looking forward to reading of your thoughts and actions

    Power to your people


      I’ve never had a sister, and will never again have a husband.

      But sisterwife- I read a beautiful post by Jennie Saia. I’d known her two weeks, and I was falling in blog love.

      And that post – December 17, 2013 – stirred me deeply. I wrote in the comment section that I loved her. And then I proposed to her, and asked her to be my sisterwife.

      There was never a man involved, so it’s not the typical connotation of sisterwife. She explains it much better on her post yesterday.

      We’re also actively seeking the male perspective. I hope you’ll consider writing something for us. Thursday, we’re going to be discussing the topics, etc.

      Thanks for the power. I’m drinking an energy drink at the moment. I’m low on power, at the moment


        Wow! Flattered. Yes I’ll write for. It’d be a pleasure.

        I’m stuffing my face big time, with huge high calorie carbohydrate meals at the moment, in readiness for some serious cycling self abuse on Saturday. I’m hoping to be bursting with energy. My pockets will be buldging with energy gels and fruit cake. Have say I’ve a checkered history when it comes to taking gels on the bike. A few weeks ago I managed to get the contents of a tube into my facial sinuses! And yes it was as disgusting as it sounds. High caffeine content put me into orbit for several hours hahaha


        I’m into a bit of a caffeine addiction these days, myself.

        I’ve been pushing myself hard in the gym. Harder than usual. It’s a bit late in the season but I’m working on my summer physique. 🙂

        And I have to consume vast quantities of Red Bull to push myself through these workouts.


    Excited to see what you lovely ladies have in store. I already know some of you & am getting to know the others better. Congrats on the launch! The site looks great!


    Oh here I am after the party….but this is AWESOME! YAY!!


    I didn’t know Lizzi was a coding wizard. Now her cred with me is OVER 9000!


      If I showed you the code she had for this molecule image, you would flip out!

      Our blogs don’t support it, but if you look at it on hers, each head links to each person’s individual blog.

      She is an enchantress.


        Flip out like how? I’ve tried learning code off and on for more than 20 years. I don’t flip out easily over code, at least, not in a “my brain is melting” sort of way.

        Ever since Green Embers mentioned Code Academy, I can feel the dark side of the Force, tempting me to try one more time…


        Like, it was this page long, very impressive thing that I never even saw the LIKES of before.

        I don’t use image maps, I just add images from a media file.


        I’m going to ask Lizzi to send it to me right now.


    So it’s finally alive and kicking. Well done to you and the ladies for making it happen.

    I have to confess that you’re only one in the group that I was already following… think that might change.

    PS – Beth is pretty hot.


      Not to make this about how we LOOK or anything-
      but check out our bios.

      We’re a bunch of hotties. True story.

      And we carry on and flirt all day in our Facebook group. So far today, we’ve covered boobs (well, that’s every day) and spanking.

      Wouldn’t YOU like to be a fly on the wall.

      P.S. Beth IS hot. But her main blog wife is technically Lizzi, just like my main blog wife is Jennie. We all play together, but it’s “complicated”, like they say on the book of Face.


    Congratulations! What a great group! 🙂


    Loving the Sisterwives site and visit daily.
    Go Girls! (Women)

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