The Damned Truth – about EditMoi

April 14, 2014 — 11 Comments




These challenges are getting strange.

This time, Christi (EditMoi) asked us to tell her something she doesn’t know – about herself!

In 100 words.


This is way out of my comfort zone. I write 2000 word posts, and I’m NOT a fiction writer.

But this Alliance is forcing me to stretch my writing muscles.

Here’s a great illustration of why I keep on keeping on with the Alliance:



I’m going for Magic. One day.


We’re over at Christi’s (EditMoi) blog. I love her writing. I can’t get a handle on this girl. But her unpredictability is precisely what intrigues me.

Her cute little gravatar did not prepare me for the stuff her mind generates.

Like this story, narrated by a man – and a skeevy one at that.

Christi writes non fiction as well. I particularly love this post which I believe describes a healthy alternative to divorce.


So, click over and see what everyone came up with.

There’s something about Christi…


11 responses to The Damned Truth – about EditMoi


    Utterly ridiculous. Insane. Puerile and fantastic. And I say this out of jealousy, really. Don’t judge me. I am human (sort of). But I read as you directed me to (I tend to be compliant to all demands, verbal and written) and what I read was abstract, silly and quite honestly, fine. I mean fine as in fine stuff, not fine as when you ask someone who is clearly upset how they’re doing and they say fine. Or the fineness of a comb.

    You know what I mean. Right?

    Glad you’re getting out of the comfort zone. It’s nice in there, for sure. We know where the brown sugar is and where the hot spots for the wi-fi are. But to stretch and grow and get out of there and experience the jazz and white noise love of new internal and external grooviness…well, that’s where the jam and ham is. It’s not always easy. I tend to turtle at times, afraid to get out of my little circle. But the times I remember are the ones when I got out of my little cave and tried something new.

    Brave on, soldier. Love it.



      Thanks, Paul.

      I really had fun with this one – and so did everyone else, apparently. I think It’s a tribute to Christi’s prompt.

      She’s a trip! Her writing really inspires me. Often, it’s all about the spaces between the words.

      Oh, I know FINE. As in, DAMN, he’s FINE.



    love the creepy awesomeness of the answers! So fun. What a great prompt/challenge. Yours was very dark in the best of ways. XOXO


    Read it. I love your mind. I’ve only had a few girl crushes on real life people. You’re one. ❤


    If you find your way to where the magic happens, though I think you already have several times before, could you send me directions? 😉
    Careful, careful… once you go fiction, you never go non. Or something like that. Or, if you prefer The Godfather, every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in.


      I gotta tell you- I LOVED the responses to this prompt.

      Yes, I could get used to fiction. I like leaving space between the words; having it more about what’s not said.

      Yay for the Alliance! So glad to be part of it!

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