The Blogging Alliance of the Damned: Short Story Challenge

March 31, 2014 — 22 Comments



“I’d like everyone to write a super-exciting, riveting, ball-obliderating story……in 200 words,” he said.

He, being End Kwote, the Official Duppy Conqueror of the Alliance.

Although to me, he’s just Pancho.


Yikes! 200 words?

Challenge Accepted!

We were warned – If you go over the 200 word limit, you will be smitten by the hell-demon Gorlak.

I don’t even write fiction. My posts are all closer to 2000 words. And I’m in no mood to deal with Gorlak.

Anyway, we’re all over End Kwote’s place for this challenge, if you’d like to see how we did.

And take a look at his Freshly Pressed post – while you’re there!


(By the way, someone’s in trouble with Gorlak…)



22 responses to The Blogging Alliance of the Damned: Short Story Challenge


    Hahaha Pancho. I would love for that to stick.

    Your piece was awesome, by the way. Job well done 🙂


      Thank you!
      I think everyone did really well.

      I hear Zorlak is around, and looking for someone…

      Bye, Pancho!


        Gorlak is not looking for me!!
        We have an understanding….


        Shit – did I get his name wrong?

        I’m a hot mess when it comes to names. Last night on twitter, I said gurgleburst, garglebust – I typed it wrong over and over.

        Good luck with that Gorlak guy. I’m not sure how forgiving he is…


        It isn’t about needing forgiveness, it’s about giving it something it needs/wants more. 😀


        How are you so well acquainted with this Gorlak guy, that you specifically violated his rules, and now can tell me with supreme confidence that YOU know what it needs?

        I want IN to this magical world.


        An IN? Well, I’ll tell you a secret… all you have to do is write it. That’s not too hard, right?

        Either that, or I’m the magician in my story, and then I’m SOL.


    I commented over on End Kwote’s collection, Samara. Short suspense suits Samara would be my headline for my review.


      I’m going to keep trying my hand at this fiction stuff.

      It’s FUN!

      I always did want to be in the headlines. And not for something illegal.


    Nicely done. Can’t say you don’t do fiction anymore.


    I don’t even understand this alliance thing. Is it like The Avengers? The Back Street Boys? A cult? Is there Kool Aid involved? Costumes? A secret lair? Dues or fees? Are these stories some sort of Dan Brown Illuminati thing? Is there a president and vice-president? Do you get special decoder rings? Executve washroom keys? Is your laundry extra Downy soft? Does your mail get limousined over? What are the rules?

    I have questions, as you can see, and I have no answers nor do I expect answers. But I am just putting it out there, as a newbie in all parts of the universe and life on this mortal coil. My knowledge is Lillyputian in so many ways, and so I marshall my queries to grow in skill and speed.

    When I grow up, I am going to be a space cowboy.

    Great stuff. I think I’ll even check out what y’all did. Sound groovy.



      We are a group of bloggers who intend to take over the world muah hahahaha!

      Seriously. The Cutter formed a Blogging Alliance. Every other week, a member poses a challenge.

      It stretches us as writers. Forces us to think. This challenge took me right out of my comfort zone.

      And we get new eyes on our work, a chance to support one another, all that good stuff.

      Thanks for reading.


    Great job on your story. I don’t do fiction either, which is why I opted for the truth. It was ball-obliderating in its own way.


    Poor Matticus. Although, I’m not sure it wasn’t Gorlak in the back seat in your story.


    Samara!! I LOVED it! You rocked it, SW!


    Oh I’m so sorry I’m just getting to this…I almost missed it! Your story was amazing! So chilling for < 200 words! Bravo SW!! xoxo

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