The Blogging Alliance of the Damned is Back…and Growing!

March 6, 2014 — 47 Comments

I am OFFICIALLY a member of:

The Blogging Alliance Of the Damned!

These are some kick-ass bloggers!

The Cutter asked ask for a Title, and an Introduction.  So, this is mine.  And I reblogged the whole post, so you can read about the Alliance.


Although it has been suggested that I might die alone with cats eating my face, the title of Crazy Cat Lady was already claimed.

There are a lot of interesting titles already announced in the Alliance. There are a few animals – a Dinosaur, a Goatacus (just go with it), a Duppy (which I thought was a fish, but which is actually a Jamaican fish)

We currently have an Empress and a Jester.  We also have a Master of Analogies, which I find very helpful. Maybe he can explain to me if what I’m saying compares to anything significant.

There’s even an Aerialist Penis. I can’t wait to see what that’s all about.

I toyed with “Freelance Troublemaker.”  Also “Hardcore Culture Ninja.”

And then I remembered – I already have a title. I was crowned Queen of Snark by none other than List of X.

As Queen of Snark for The Alliance of the Damned, I believe I have finally earned the right for people to call me “Ma’am.”

…Without adding, “YOU’RE MAKING A SCENE.”

The Cutter Rambles

Remember that little blogging alliance I talked about a couple of weeks ago? Well, we’re back…and we’re growing!

Just like an amoeba!  They don't call me Master of Analogies for nothing! (Image source) We are growing just like an amoeba! They don’t call me Master of Analogies for nothing! (Image source)

The group’s second challenge has been posted over at Arden’s place.  I encourage everyone who hasn’t already done so to go check it out immediately. (Or at least as soon as you’re done reading this post. I suppose it can wait until then.)

Since my original post introducing us to the world, we’ve added two new members! I didn’t want them to feel left out, so I asked them to similarly come up with some custom titles.

Please welcome the newest members of the Blogging Alliance of the Damned: EditMoi and Samara!

EditMoi – The Axe-wielding Editor

EditMoiThe Alliance is desperately lacking in grammatical self-defense, and I like to…

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47 responses to The Blogging Alliance of the Damned is Back…and Growing!


    Well, let me be the first to give my warmest CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m not quite sure what that is, yet, but it’s full of bad-asses and I suddenly feel like that girl alone in the cafeteria. haha! YOU are amazing and any alliance would be lucky to have you among its members. 🙂


    Hey Samara, that’s cool, will have to run over to Cutter’s place to check this out. Always figured you for a cool one.


    Congratulations on even more eyes for your writing!


    Welcome, your royal snarkiness to the loving embrace of the alliance. If you feel a slight pinch, don’t worry, that’s just us getting our hooks set properly. *evil grin*


    Queen of Snark and the HOLY POST. You are collecting the best pen names in the blog business, Samara. And you know how to live up to the advance notice, too.


      The HOLY POST!!

      Mark, I love the way everything just cross references on here –

      AND, I’m on twitter now too! It’s absolutely terrifying! What next? Instagram? A bunch of unidentifiable pictures of me?


        Does it mean we’re more social or less social stacking up these media, Samara? I’m on Twitter, too, but I have too much character(s) to really make my point there. No Instagram for me, yet, either. How many photos of yourself with a well-placed curtain of hair can you produce, dear woman?


        I’m horrible when it comes to social media. A total newbie. I can’t even figure out how to tweet pics or a post! Hopeless.

        As for the photos, an endless number.

        My New York BFF is a photographer, and she did a photo shoot of me for my blog.

        We ended up not using the the pics. But I have a whole bunch of pictures of me from the back, the side, my hair covering my face…

        It’s hilarious. My twitter profile is the back of a CBGB’s tee shirt!

        I am trying to preserve my anonymity – for the sake of my professional life. Especially with my next post…


        Yes, I saw the CBGBs shirt. I just followed you on Twitter. You got me four ways now, Samara … WP, FB, Twitter … Oh, wait, that’s three.

        Anyway, I expect to see all those partial-you’s trotted out.

        I pledge to preserve your anonymity for professional sake. Oh, wait, I don’t know anymore than what you share. You are very smart, Samara.

        I look forward to the next bombshell blog, bombshell blogger.


        I told you we would break bread some day, and I mean it!

        I trust you. You’re just that type of person. Good through and through. It shines right through your writing. That’s why everyone on WP loves you.


        You flatter me so, Samara. Thank you.


        Not flattery, truth. Ask anyone.


    I was going to take over the world myself, but I am just too busy reading blogs. So if anyone should be taking over the world, your alliance is my second choice. All I ask is that my life and my internet connection be spared when you’re done taking over.
    However, the fact that you made me a tag for the post gives me hope… 🙂


      Well, of COURSE I tagged you-
      you gave me my title, didn’t you? I made you the star of my show!!

      I’m sorry I haven’t been on your blog. I have not been very active on WordPress. Just reblogged the alliance. I will make up to you, as soon as I spit forth a post…


        No worries, my blog isn’t going anywhere (at least as far as I know) – and as a queen, you don’t have to apologize to anyone. 🙂


    What does this mean? I’m not even sure what it means but I intend to find out. I’m on the case.


      It means that I’m part of a group of kick ass bloggers and we’re going to take over the world and we’re going to be on every talk show in America and we will save the planet Earth and…

      I HAVE NO CLUE! It’s a cool group of some really talented bloggers! That’s all I know!


        You guys sound like superheros with superpowers. You ARE! I hope you use them for the good of mankind.


        Well, it IS the Blogging Alliance of the Damned. So, I’m not sure…

        Been out of the loop. Have I missed any of your blog posts?


        Welp, that depends on how long you’ve been out! I put up a short one last night. This Monday I’m guest-posting over at Twindaddy, so that’s exciting for me.


        OMG, I am just so excited about that!!!

        I KNEW he would love your writing, and that’s a whole lot of eyes on your work!! YAY!

        I’m changing my official alliance title “Blog Pimp”


        It’s the prize for winning his write-my-new-tagline contest. A guest post! Better than bitcoins.

        That WAS your intro, wasn’t it!? Thanks, tons. You know my weakness.


        Yes, darlin’, that’s why I’m crowning myself the “Blog Pimp.” Because I knew you two would just hit it off so well.

        I just had a feeling about you two. And this guest post is wonderful news. TwinDaddy has a big following!


        I guess that make me your Blog Ho and that’s okay with me. Do you wear a big, velvet, purple pimp hat and a giant golden belt buckle?


        Ummm, actually – I’m about to become the Blog Ho, I think.

        I’ve been paralyzed with terrible writer’s block for a while now.

        I just joined the land of I Don’t Give a Fuck.


        Step into the light!!! Aaaallll are welcome!!! All the answers to writer’s block are inside that light!!! Aaaalll are welcome!!!


    Hello. Sometimes, I have something to say.


      Hello. Occasionally, I say things back.


        Touché, my dear, touché. I was feeling pretty low when I made the comment, but I didn’t want to say anything that would rain on your parade.

        Unless I could make the rain Kool-Aid, or juice, or something delightfully refreshing…. in about 3 months, when the weather is scorching.


    Any group that counts you as a member can’t be all that bad… I guess.

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