Important: Please Help Save MORE Than a House

February 24, 2014 — 23 Comments

Sheena put this up today-
Please read on and help out a member of the WP community. Blogging can be such a powerful force.


23 responses to Important: Please Help Save MORE Than a House


    As TD said, thanks for help spread the word. We can do this!


      I don’t know her, but I know TD, and Sheena, and I guess you’ve put this up?

      So if my friends know her, it’s good enough for me.

      I know blogging is a great social platform. This is where we get to help others.



        I think you’d like Merry, if you can squeeze another blog into your reading time. She’s currently running a series called “Thoughts from the Bong,” and she did a previous series where she talked about taboo topics. Humor and truth mingled together, interspersed with posts about her struggles with Fibro… she “keeps it real,”:as the cool kids say.


        I can, and I did.

        And, we’re the cool kids! So WE say that!

        big bloggy love, all around


        Finally!! I’ve been waiting 30+ years to be one of the cool kids! 😉
        Hooray for big bloggy love!


        Do you know Zoe? She blogs under behindthemask and her blog is called Behind the Mask of Abuse. She started the fundraiser.


        I only know who she is through TD. He loves both Zoe and Mer, and I love him.

        Hopefully I’ll get to know them both now.


    What the hell??? Didn’t get the email for this.
    Darn you wordpress!!!

    Thank so much for putting this up!


    Thanks for helping give back to someone who gives so much of herself to the blog-o-sphere, Samara.


    I know your passion comes out in every post, Samara. For that heart you give to the written word, I nominate you for the Shauny Award.

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