February 1, 2014 — 56 Comments

Breaking chain


I’m a Buick in the Land Of Lexus.

I started this blog because I don’t fit in where I live.

I ended up, because I did not do my due diligence while house shopping, in an area that is spiritually and culturally barren.

You can read about it, if you’d like. I’d be honored if you did – it was my very first post.


I don’t fit in a lot of places, because I’m so many different things all at once, that people have trouble defining me. Which makes them nervous.

They like me. They just don’t get me.


I’m here at WordPress because I crave the company of like minded individuals. Brilliant, funny, thought provoking, supportive individuals.

And yes, because I love an extended family.


I didn’t write for a very long time.

I forgot that writing is how I breathe. 

How I live. 

And when I post, I bleed.

Here’s a quote from James Altucher that describes how I post:

“Say it with blood. If your blood stops, you have a heart attack. You die. If your blood doesn’t leak onto the page, your post will have a heart attack. It will die.  If you can’t say something with blood, then don’t say it, else it won’t reach the heart.”


And this is the picture he used

And this is the picture he used


I bleed for myself.

I bleed for YOU.


Some days, I want to make you laugh.

Other days, I want to make you feel.

Other days I want to make you think.

Because, and here’s another quote from Mr. Altucher:

“The blogger is the deprogrammer. You have to look at things in a different way.

If you don’t, then go back to being a robot and wait for the next instructions from the mothership.”


Kim Kardashian is definitely a robot

Kim Kardashian is definitely a robot


But I’m not here to hurt anybody. Never have been. Never will.

After the Amy Glass post – a post that I worked very hard on – a thought provoking, important post (I believe)-

I received a flurry of emails in my inbox. From people thinking I was sending anonymous “hatemail” to another blogger.

Anyone out there in the blogosphere who thinks I am capable of sending “hatemail” to someone I don’t know, have never interacted with, whose blog I have never read, never followed, and who I only wish the best for, as I do for all human beings,







I’m just a woman trying to raise her kid.

Run a business – and a draining one at that. Because I fall in love with too many people, remember? So I adopt every kid I work with.

A woman trying to remember how to BREATHE again.


If you can’t tell, through the quality of my writing, that I am far too:

intelligent, kind, educated, spiritual, loving, evolved, soulful and

in a constant state of transformation – always working on being my higher self –

to EVER send anonymous hate mail,



Remember what I posted the other day?

I am struggling to balance it all. To work, raise a kid, to write, and yes – to get to the gym and do THREE chin ups.

And to do a whole lot of other stuff – I have a myriad of interests.


I love yoga and beer so I invented this multitasker

I love yoga and beer so I invented this multitasker


I can’t invest time in online drama. Please don’t pull me into it.

DO NOT send me emails diverting my attention to posts I didn’t know existed on blogs I never followed or read.

And frankly – fucking scary posts. That get my heart going.

My son is my heart.

Posts that talk about calling CPS scare me so badly I almost ended up in the fetal position again.




If you intend to ever involve me in drama again.

Or fail to believe in me. 

Or understand that my intention is

to fall in love with everyone of you.



It’s a gorgeous Saturday.

Sunny and clear. I think we’ve finally emerged from the Polar Vortex.

I actually have a rare Saturday off.

I’m going to the movies with Little Dude. I’ve turned him into a movie addict, because that’s what you do with children –

you get them to love the things you love, so they can be part of your life. Instead of you ending up with Legos in your nether regions.

That’s why he loves blogs.

Did a light bulb just go off in your head? Good.



Our movie theater was completely renovated.

The seats were redone as plush red leather motorized La-Z-Boy recliners – and go all the way back.

These seats are like riding in the luxury car of your DREAMS.

Dreams that excel even Little Dude’s choice for the car he will own when he grows up (at the moment, the new 2014 Chevy Corvette).

Dreams that excel even the Muscle Car of His Dreams (1970 Buick GSX Stage 1; only 400 made)

They’re the Lamborghini of theater seats.


Yes - these are the seats.

Yes – these are the seats.


We’re going to sit in those magnificent seats

and eat way too much junk food.

I normally don’t allow much junk food (you knew that, didn’t you??) but it’s different at the movies.

We’re going to get popcorn, nachos, Sno-Caps. Maybe even soda, if I’m in a really expansive mood.

And, because they actually installed an ice cream machine inside the movie theater, we’ll get ice cream as well.

When they renovated the theater they went all out.


On some days, the movie is really important.

When we went to see “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” – I needed to inhale every second of that movie. I loved it.

Today, whatever we see is besides the point.

Today, I just want to be with my son.

It’s the greatest feeling in the world – to have an unanticipated day off.

A “lagniappe” – something special you don’t expect.

Especially when there’s ice cream involved.


This is what happens when Little Dude can't make up his mind

This is what happens when Little Dude can’t make up his mind

56 responses to PLEASE UNFOLLOW ME


    Yeesh…people are sending you hate mail?!? They obviously need a swift kick the nether regions.


    A swift kick to the nether regions. Or they could try to swift kick the nether regions, I suppose. Either way, I hate when I %$^&* a comment.


    I hated high school. I hate things that remind me of high school. I just want to fly under the radar, is that too much to ask?

    Hooray for mom-kid time, enjoy yourself!


      You inspired me this morning – did you read what I wrote to you on Rara’s blog?

      I love you. You get me.



        I just went and read it. (((hugs))) I have a feeling my years with the kid dealing with T-Ball/Soccer/Basketball/Room moms would have been much easier if you had been in the group. Back to the high school analogy, I never fit in but my best friends didn’t either. We were/are like the “misfit toys” on the Rudolph special, only now we realize how awesome that is 🙂

        Love you too chica, and thank you for the compliments. ❤


    Ice cream for everyone! I’m not unfollowing you. So lick my twat, I mean ice cream cone.

    Have fun today. Lots of fun. That is all.


    I never did go read that woman’s post. I guess I just didn’t care that much what she thought. If I did, I’d probably already be following her. You’re the third of fourth blogger I know who’s had her hands full with negative comments. recently.

    I guess I’m just not passionate enough about anything to get into an online pissing match with people about it. Maybe I’m just spineless? Who knows?

    That ice cream looks amazing. I sort of want some now so thanks for that. Enjoy your day off. It’s raining here and and I have to work tonight, so that sort of sucks. Okay, that’s my little rambling comment for the day…


      I’m sorry it’s raining where you are- it’s finally sunny and almost 50 here!

      We were already outside. Little Dude has sports stuff, and then to the movies later…

      negativity sucks. Bring on the ice cream!


      Don, I did because… her story is sadly a little bit like my own private horror in my past. Not the story in the post, but… her background story. I experienced abuse from people I thought I could trust.

      I think the hate mail sucks. It would scare me shitless too for the reason I stated. And I’d rather just share some smiles and chuckles, so I can continue to enjoy life. My horror, so to speak, ended. I still have some troubles with flashbacks, but, the nightmare is over. Things are tough enough without spreading hate.


    You can forget it sister! I’m not unfollowing you. Those others can suck it. Now, enjoy the day with your son and the ice cream! Yummy! What an experience to watch a movie there. I want seats like that. Have fun.


      Amy, they’re actually getting waitress service!! Can you imagine?

      I think they realized they have to work hard to get people out of their homes.

      Those seats do it for us. I’d go see the movie version of the phone book, to lay back in them, eat popcorn, and laugh with my kid.


        There used to be this theater in San Francisco where you could order dinner and have it brought to your seat, and then eat while you watched the movie. The place went out of business! I would totally love something like that. It’s perfect!


    Not getting rid of me that easily, Samara. I’m not unfollowing. Hate mail? Ignore it. Don’t feed their hate and stupidity. I want your movie theatre! They’d never get me out of there. Better seats there than in my living room! LOL Enjoy your movie and your son and let the world look after itself for a couple of hours. Now… I’m heading to the freezer for ice cream. That’s your fault. My waistline hates you. 😉


      Those seats are better than EVERYONE’s living room – they’re chair and a half sized, to begin with.

      Totally motorized.

      All the dads are sleeping. It’s hilarious.


    I’ve never gotten hate mail, Samara. I hope I never get any. I find it hard to believe that you would ever send hate mail. You just don’t seem like the type. BTW, I’ve put up my story on the Dragon’s Lair. Can I count on you for a supportive comment?


    Must be nice to be a vacuous jackass tip do something like that. Sadly, a few small parts of my brain still work, so I’ll never know.

    Have fun at the movies, and I happen to love lego too.

    Sorry, not unfollowing. I’m like a bad penny, I always turn up.

    Helena Hann-Basquiat February 1, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    And these are the days I’m thankful I have not attracted the crazies.

    Deanna Herrmann February 1, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    I’m not unfollowing you either! The cowards with the hate mail need to get a grip on reality.


    This kicked ass.

    And not just because you quoted Altucher twice. But because you were him.

    Hope the movie was awesome. 🙂


    I’ve heard so much about bloggers receiving hate mail and hurtful words over the past few weeks. I really don’t get why people seem to be so angry.

    ceruleanstarshine February 1, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    I think I’ll stay, I kinda like it around here. You think like I do, and say all the things I would say if I was still blogging. Love it. Enjoy the day with your Little Dude and tell the haters to fuck off and die. They’ve got the issues, not you.
    (I read the post referenced, it was boring and deliberately trying to be inflammatory. Not my thing. But I didn’t send her hate mail! What the hell is wrong with people!)


    Oh man now I have to go out and get some ice cream. Thank you very much!! LOL, I am good and going nowhere..ha


    I seemed to have released myself from my niche corner of the universe just at the time when the Jets and Sharks had at each other, or in the aftermath where the young and coltish Johhny and Ponyboy get jumped by the Socs. Either way, there are some folks licking their wounds and duct taping the screen doors. Like watching a movie in blackout, I know the actors but not the plot, and yet, won’t bother to watch the film again. Tainted.

    So it is. Lobbing hand grenades only results in trench foot and the smell of sulphur in one’s now disturbed pH balanced hair. I am a wuss and hence trench warfare ain’t my style. Gimme a hot dog eating contest any day. Or crow. I’ve done both and hot dogs certainly taste better. Ice cream is certainly a champ above both, especially paired off with a swell kid and sprinkles. Sprinkles obviously meant for the cone, unless said kid needs dressing up to go to a fancy theatre.

    This circus out to move out of town. Get the street sweepers to have a go at the place and tidy up. Start new. I like that idea. But we forge on, don’t we? We bleed and we draw out from our experiences and we share and we play and we alight to the next new shore and we set off sparklers and we tidy up for the neighbours and we seed for the new seasons. We write. We work out the kinks in our spirit by putting words on paper. Or on screen. Imprint them on other people’s minds and souls. Have and exchange, a laugh, a tear, a jaunt spectacular through ideas. And we continue to write, don’t we?

    Let the confetti fall where it may.



    Hate mail? Seriously? What are they….12? Fucking idiots.

    I heart you BIG, Samara. This chica’s here to stay. I adore how you put your heart all over every post.




    …but you knew that…


    Those fuckers can go suck your ice cream cone. I’m here to stay, and read your soulful words. And that Altucher dude knows a thing or too. Love those quotes.


    Good! Tell them to unfollow you! They don’t deserve to have your posts in their readers. 🙂


    Samara, I love your blog, so don’t give another thought to the hate mail. Have lots of ice-cream, and watch movies, enjoy your day off. Not unfollowing you.


    Good morning Samara, I’m getting ready to put up my first post and when I opened my email, I saw something from Buick and it read Unfollow my post. I have have many inferiority issues and before I clicked it open I was thinking wow, she wants me to unfollow her. Well after reading the blog I got it. It wasn’t directed at me just some hate monger assholes. Please pay them no attention, cyber bullies unlike street bullies will always want to fight back and get even nastier. They’re fucking cowards that tey to intimidate others. Atleast if you puch a streetbullie back they get the lesson and move on to the easier targets. I’m finishing up my first posting today, just doing some grammar cleanups and last minute spell checks. I would never do it if it were not for you. Please don’t fuel the haters by responding. Once they see their being ignored they move on.
    I hope the movie was great. I would have been sleeping with the other dads there.


    Sorry for the typo’s and I would NEVER unfollow your blog.


    Samara, you already know what I think and if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. This whole thing has gotten way out of hand and it’s utterly ridiculous.


    I refuse to de follow you! I don’t like drama and yes as Hemingway said about writing, “Writing is no problem. You sit down at the typewriter and bleed.” You better stay around… Peace.


    Why hello there! Thanks to the uproar of Amy Glass’s blog, I magically stumbled upon yours and I must say, I love you. (Not weird, right?) So, here you’ll find some warm fuzzies. Amy’s blog really enraged me, because I am a SAHM. That is a decision my husband and I made after having our son, and it has made me very happy. This Amy person would die if she were to hear that I’m a 23 year old SAHM of two awesome son’s. (actually, one son has not been born yet, but I’m full of myself and think he’s already awesome. Go ahead, comment on my age, I’ve heard it all before). That is a decision I made for myself. I’m happy! My husband and I owned a business (martial arts school, we’re both black belts and certified instructors) together before he decided the city needed a superhero and he became an Asian Batman with a shiney badge. So, even as a young woman, I was able to have ‘real’ life experience. Anyways, when I read your response I felt like I could breathe again, because you are someone who has balance, who knows that they can’t be ‘perfect’. You took what life gave you and you constantly try to keep it together. You made sense. I don’t understand why you would get hatemail from people who clearly just want to pick a fight. It makes no sense, because it’s not like you were kissing Amy’s ass or anything. You actually made me feel confident in my decision, to be extraordinary, not exactly exceptional. I’ll be as ‘exceptional’ as I can, all with my husband and children at my side. Actually, the health of my son and current pregnancy has pushed me into finally deciding a medical career for myself, and I thank them for that, because now I’ll be happy and successful. Thanks for taking my rage for Amy and replacing it with an eyeroll to the faceless internet personality who’s only definition of exceptional is success even if you’re miserable. 🙂 Don’t let the hatemail get to you, because you are better than that and your fans love you!


    Your Saturday = the sound of one hand clapping. Some people never get there.

    Who cares what Amy Glass thinks? Seriously. I can’t believe people felt attacked and got all worked up by her. Who cares what Amy Glass thinks?

    Google Bukowski’s poem so you want to be a writer? That says it all.

    My blog is finally up and running but there are still a few glitches with photos and buttons and whatnot. Should be ironed out soon. I hope.


      I LOVE how you always remind me of that poem.

      It’s the third time you’ve directed me to it. It’s a big part of why I love you.

      I already looked at it. All day yesterday, actually. And I think of you every time I read it.

      Can’t wait to see your blog.


    Did anybody actually “unfollow” you? I’m guessing that people who send hate messages aren’t really good at following directions. It would be an interesting experiment. You could have your “hate” group and your “control” group and then command them to “unfollow” you and see what happens. Or is that what you just did? I’d like to know the results.


      The only one who “unfollowed” me was Daniella. She’s upset that she’s me, in my 20’s.

      Minus breaking bottles over people’s heads and going to church. I never did that.


    What the heck. I’m feeling out of the loop and must go read your last post, I suppose. I have no freaking clue who Amy Glass is unless she is the love child of Amy Tan and Ira Glass but that would be too amazing to handle.


    wait… I just put this all together… when I read that post you did I hadn’t heard of her post… she is the girl we just beat for the most comments… and I just did that crazy Nazi post about all this…
    Okay… please do not think that I am in any way looking down on you for having an opinion… I don’t even care about her opinion. I did the Hitler post to make people think about what makes something relevant or important… not to tell them what I think is. I respect your opinion… and hers… I even see the truth in to some degree. I just think it is funny that saying something that pisses some people off is what it takes to get noticed. I despise the people that sent you hate mail. And you are awesome. You are part of my blog family. I wouldn’t change my opinion of you because we disagree over something.


    Silly. That’s what I promise and aim to delivery. Maybe some drama from time to time, but only in the form of fiction.
    And I would never expect to find it here.
    I think people have too much time on their hands when they try to find problems when there aren’t any. When they try to see hurt and pain and evil everywhere. They should email me. I’ve got plenty of work for them, plenty of tasks to keep them busy so they stop harassing people.

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